Amic Pools was recently featured in Moreton Life Magazine in the “At Home”

They called Amic Pools owner Michael a “Dream Maker”… And while he’d hate to admit it, it’s true… A DREAM pool means different things to different people, but in all cases it adds value to your home and lifestyle and creates a fun childhood experience for younger kids or assists older parents with their mobility & general health.

Creating the perfect design is the hardest part of any project, so Amic Pools often asks our clients for photos of pools the owner likes, we question who will be using the pool and what budget the homeowner is working to.  MIchael says spending 7.5 per cent of the value of your home is usually a good guide — any more is overcapitalising. On average, people are spending $30,000-$40,000 for the pool or about $70,000 for the entire package.

At Amic Pools, most customers are going for a neutral, natural and mineral-based pools. Mineral pools are popular because they are easy to maintain and have health benefits. These include but not limited to: Less skin irritation, less chemical imbalance, less environmental impact, no sore eyes, no itching skin.