We don’t like to get into the debate about which is better “Concrete or Fibreglass”, either way a company is going to try and sell you what they sell! A lot of which is bogus information to the end user in order to get their sale!

Here’s a few things to consider when making your decision:

  • Concrete Pools are fully customisable, for inspiration visit our gallery
  • Concrete Pools can be built to be free standing, in-ground or out of the ground. The pool can form part of the structural integrity of the surround structure
  • Concrete Pools can be built to any size, shape, depth or width, and if you ever grow tired of your pools appearance you can simply update it!
  • Concrete Pools can be tailored to suit your desired appearance with an endless selection of finishes and interiors.
  • Concrete Pools are specified as the construction material of choice in government and commercial contractor for any new pool construction. This is because concrete is durable and proven in the market place.

Buying a pool is a big consideration, research widely and spend what you feel comfortable spending – it will be there for a long time, especially if you build a concrete pool.

Concrete pools are very durable and they last for decades. A lot of people are under the impression that a concrete pool is much more expensive than a fibreglass pool. However, with a standard size pool the building cost of a fibreglass pool and a concrete pool are very similar

Lifetime warranties offered by fibreglass pool companies are essentially meaningless as they are voided by either poor installations or poor service and maintenance.