Turn the lights on, get the spa going and turn up the heat while sitting in traffic on your way home from work! There has never been a better time to get the latest technology in pool use and design.

Our Automation features can allow you to access pool controls remotely, or with the touch of a button.

Lighting & Water Features

Make your pool shine and create a night time wonderland with constant changing colour lights or a single captivating colour.

Adding water features can add to the peace and tranquillity and sparkle with personality! From block walls, to cascade bubbles, magic bowls, laminars to decorative wall accents.

Infloor Pool Cleaning

Forget suction cleaners and robotic pool cleaners and let your pool take care of itself with infloor cleaning. Infloor pool cleaning is virtually invisible built into your pool during construction with pop-up nozzles deliver a high-pressure jet of water that directs debris to the central drain.


Spa jets to massage your back and air blower to create bubbles, who doesn’t love to unwind and relax at the end of a long day? The spa can be a feature on its own or incorporated as part of a pool in your backyard to create your very own indulgent piece of paradise.

Pool Heating

Extend the use of your new pool and never stop swimming with energy efficient heating options available in Solar Pool Heating, Electric Heat Pumps, and Gas.

Solar Pool Heating relies on nice hot sunny days – preferably cloud free, the water is sucked from the pool, through the pump, up onto your shed or house roof through the pipes to heat the water and returns to the pool. Great for extending the swim season.

Electric Heat Pump – Heat pumps work off ambient temperature. Very similar to your air conditioner unit, but water passing through. They can maintain your desired pool temperature 24/7 when sized correctly to suit your pool size. The running costs are going to be in the region of approximately only $500 a year. That is, of course, assuming you’re using a pool cover to keep the heat in at night – without a pool cover the running costs will be nearer $1,000 a year.

Gas Heating heats your pool or spa quite quickly – infact within minutes or days, pending the volume of water it’s trying to heat up. Gas Heaters are available in LPG or Natural Gas. It can be costly to heat large volumes of water.

It is always recommended by suppliers to use a pool blanket to keep the warm water in the pool escaping, therefore increasing your electrical costs (or gas) to run your preferred heating unit.