If you think it would be too difficult to build a swimming pool in your back yard, think again!

Each pool installation typically requires some form of excavation works, whether it be a minor site preparation, or digging a hole for an inground swimming pool.

Typically, these works require an excavator, to excavate the swimming pool,  a bobcat to take the soil to the trucks to cart the dirt away or site preparation and tip trucks to remove the soil.

Sometimes our clients have limited width, which means the excavator and bobcat can’t fit down the side of your home.

But don’t let that deter you from having a pool! Amic Pools strives to enable all clients to have their dream swimming pool.

See below a video where we had limited access, we used a crane to crane the excavator over the house, we removed the dirt with walk behind wheel barrow, and once the excavation was completed the bobcat was craned back over the house.