The Theralux Mineral Enhanced Pool System:

Theralux begins in your backyard

After the Theralux system has been installed as part of your swimming pool the appropriate amount of Theralux Minerals are added to the pool water. The additive will usually take between 12-24 hours to completely dissolve. At this point the Theralux system can be turned on via the simple to use control panel situated on the Therachlor Chlorinator.

Connectivity Occurs

The Therachlor Chlorinator is really the brains behind the whole operation. This automates your entire pool system including the energy efficient Theraflo TVS pool pump which provides the exact amount of water flow recirculating in and out of your swimming pool.

Water Flows

Your mineral pool water is pumped from your swimming pool skimmer box through your pump and into your Theraclear Filter. Your mineral water flows through the Theraclear Glass Filtration Media where any foreign matter found in your water becomes trapped inside the filter. The Theralux enhanced mineral additive provides mild flocculation affects within the pool water which allows for finer filtration within the filter itself.

Time for Warmth

Once filtered, your clean mineral pool water is then pumped through your Theratherm Heat Pump where your cold water is heated to your desired swimming temperature.

Sanitizing and bacteria removal

Your now warm mineral water is then pumped through to the Therachlor Cell where the magic happens. Your mineral pool water flows through the cell and through the process of electrolysis it produces a sanitiser that eliminates bacteria growth. This process also produces a by-product known to be a natural moisturiser that is kind on your skin and this is then pumped into your swimming pool maintaining superb clarity and a healthy swimming environment.

Experience the luxury of your own mineral oasis

At this point your Theralux Mineral Swimming Pool is ready to be experienced. As you and your family swim in your mineral pool you will first notice the crystal clear clarity of the water, the water should feel soft and pleasant to swim in, the water will have no taste or smell and it should not irritate the eyes or skin making it a pleasure to bathe in.
After your swim you should not experience dry, itchy or smelly skin that requires you to shower off. Your skin should feel nice, soft and moisturised.

Your Theralux Mineral Pool experience will have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to get the most out of life.

Which pool is right for you?