I don't know much about concrete pools can you tell me more?

Concrete pools are a steel reinforced concrete structure that is custom built in your back yard, our pools are individually engineered to suit the location and situation the are to be built in. The colour and tile range to finish the pools is nearly endless and the structure will literally last a lifetime.

What is the difference between concrete pools and fiberglass pools?
Concrete pools you can have any shape, size, depth and width you’d like, along with placement of steps. Concrete Pools measure waterline to waterline. Fibreglass pools are set mouldings therefore restricting depths, and placement of bench seats and steps, they are measured external to the shell.
What type of pools are low maintenance?

 There is so many sensitisation systems on the market, all of which involve some kind of  maintenance. All our pool are handed over by our sister company Magnatech Pool Centre, we have 6 fully qualified pool technicians that show you exactly what to do and when to do it. We also provide you with a handover booklet for your reference. we are also available in store and on the phone.

What are the payment stages?
5% Deposit, 25% Excavation, 35% Concrete Shell, 10% Coping, 10% Filtration, Balance of contract less $1000 Interior, $1000 Completion.
What is your warranty period?
We are guided by our governing body QBCC. Structural defects for six years and three months and Non-Structural defects for 12 months from date of completion.
Do you still build salt water pools?

Our team has a wealth of knowledge on the range of alternate sanitisation systems. Our preference is to build magnesium mineral pools, we find them the easiest to maintain, comfortable to swim in and clean sparkling water to look at.

We also offer different sanitisation methods such as salt pools, ionisers, ozone and chlorine free pools.

Tell me about the 60 day swim guarantee?

Not all pools fit this criteria, but our sales team will discuss this prior to signing your contract. There are certain factors that may extend the build process and so the below terms and conditions apply:

  • The 60 days starts from the day of excavation
  • Plans for the pool cannot be varied.
  • Pool may need to be filled under temporary fence.
  • Filtration may not have final commission.
I'm thinking about starting a family, what do I need to d to know as a pool owner?

If your looking at starting a family or if you have older members of the family moving in or visiting, you can design your pool around this, from steps and bench, depths and handrails.

The possibilities are endless! 


How do I start designing my pool?

The design can often be the hardest part, start by asking yourself what you would like in a pool, is it for the family.

  • Is it for swimming laps?
  • Is it for hydrotherapy?
  • Is it for drinking a coldie in after you mow the lawns?
  • Or just for a quick dip?

On our first site meeting we do a quick design that will be attached to a free quotation as well as offer you design advice.

Learn more about our process here.

How close to the house can I build?

If the pool is 1.8m deep than the pool needs to be 1.5m – 1.8m away from house depending on footing design of dwelling additional engineer is not required. If you’d like the pool closer additional engineering for the pool is required, you can build up to 300mm away from the house.

Contact our build team today!

How close to the boundary can I build?
For pools, most planning schemes allow the Queensland Development Code (no setback to boundary) although some Council planning schemes (eg. Ipswich) require a greater setback distance of 900mm minimum to boundary.
I'm worried about my site access, can you still build a pool?

So far, we haven’t found a yard that we can’t gain access to, from climbing retaining walls to craning machines over block fences and houses. Removing hot water systems and air conditioners, even excavating by hand with a wheel barrow and shovel.

We have also taken the front doors off a house and driven the bobcat down the hallway!!!!

All of these options can be explored and discussed with you before we proceed. 

How do I get building approval?

Relax! Let Amic pools take care of the building approval and engineering for you.

I have a sewer running through my property, what is the minimum distance I need to be away from it?
It depends on the size of the pipe but if the pipe is 225mm or less you need to maintain a minimum distance of 1.2m for sewer main, 1.5m to manhole and 1.0m for connection point.
I have septic tank, how far away do I need to be from it?
6 m
I plan on having a deck around my pool, do I need approval?
The deck is building work and will require a building approval in most cases .Site specific advice needs to be sought.
What electrical do I need?

Generally, 2 x double GPO’s, run pool light cable and connect to transformer, run earth wire from pool shell, at your electricians discretion your pool fence may also need to be earthed.

For our reccomended trades please check this list

Do I require a soil test?
Yes, a soil test is required for our engineer to ensure the engineering design of your swimming pool meets requirements.
Can I have a pool built in highly reactive soil?

 That’s the beauty on concrete! A concrete pool can be engineered to any location, from rock, sand, clay, reactive soils even all the way out of ground and sloping blocks.


I plan to do laps in my pool, what do I need to know?

A new pool can be designed with lap swimming in mind, however there are also options like swim jets that can be built into your pool or retro fitted to an existing pool

Can I add spa jets, blowers and other accessories to my pool?
Yes of course, we can source many different accessories – the world’s your oyster!
What is a splash-proof fence?
Is a solid wall or fence (water can not pass through gaps) at least 1.8m high above finished ground level.
Help my pool is in need of a renovation!

 A concrete pool, just like a house can be renovated to look brand new. Styles can be changed, steps and benches can be added the pool depth can be altered. Contact the team to discuss how we can help!